Saturday, October 4, 2014

8 stories

by nick nelson

illustrations by pete palomine studios

the lion

eddie was laid off.

he went to the zoo every day to see the lion.

the lion never seemed to recognize him.



marcia wondered if she would ever become rich or famous.


young at heart

on miranda's sixtieth birthday, she received a birthday card from ellen philips , a girl - obviously now a woman - whom she had not heard from since high school.

how strange.


i told you so

sherri went out with paul for five months before discovering he was married.

she decided to take the beginner's beauty class at the y with amanda after all.



jerri was sick and tired of the way donna wasn't doing her share.

she decided to get her good.

even if it meant going to jail.



roberta hated the night shift.

she hated walking the block from the bus stop at four in the morning.

she especially hated the cat in the window.



"don't you like my kitty?"

"of course i do."



"i wouldn't mind if these young people had no sense of style, if only they weren't so damned rude and full of themselves."


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