Sunday, September 21, 2014

13 stories

by chuck leary

illustrations supplied by pete palomine studios


albert went for a walk and saw a man with a big head and a dirty sweater but did not attempt to engage him in conversation.



belinda sat on her front steps reading "wives and daughters" by elizabeth gaskell. a man walking a large orange dog came by and winked and waved at her, but she ignored him.



charles had no time for nonsense, and angrily rebuffed the bolt of lightning which struck his blue 2007 toyota as he drove to the pet shop.



dave wondered what women were like.



eugenia knew what men were like.



francis lived in the shadows, and sometimes realized that his fellow humans were all werewolves, and at other times that they were camels and cockroaches.



gloria liked to trample and uproot flower beds, until one day a raccoon surprised her as she was engaging in her egregious behavior.



hanscomb fantasized about unspeakable things. one day, seated on the bus, he blurted out his most revolting one, but the woman standing in front of him, reading a harry potter novel, either did not hear him or pretended not to.



irrigation is the key to human civilization.



justice is uncertain in this world, and little applauded even when it can be found.


kings and queens

kings and queens may rule the earth, but that was small comfort to mrs martin.


the limits of intentions

let us pause to remember those who accomplished nothing, however good or bad their intentions.


mockers and contributors

my prayers go out to all who contributed, as well as to those who mocked, and those who actively opposed.



Letitia Coyne said...

I love these snapshots of humanity SOOOOOOOO much. Thank you.


rhoda said...

thanks, letitia