Wednesday, September 24, 2014

13 more stories

by nick nelson

illustrations supplied by pete palomine studios


brad was a bad person, especially on dark and windy days when he could walk down the street unobserved, with his snarling contempt for his fellow humans naked to the elements.

angels looked down on him, but he heeded them not.


the wolf

"never relent."



"i don't care"



marcia came home expecting to find her mother waiting with a nice dinner, but found their house surrounded by police cars and ambulances.

the neighbors were silently watching the house but no police or emergency people were to be seen.

she turned and walked swiftly to the bus station…

"never again."



"you shouldn't have told me that."

"but you have, charles, you have."


oh no

cassie lived a very uneventful life, by design.

suddenly a vision rose up before her in terrible majesty…



"mother, please, i have so little time."

"i told you to stop watching those foolish television shows."

"but i don't watch television," marie insisted.


the animal

shirley saw a small furry animal as she was walking to school one morning.

she didn't know what it was and tried to catch it.

it made her late for school .



"i'll get them for this. every single one of them. then they'll be sorry"


the vampire

"that man looks like a vampire."

"no, honey, he's just a - little pale."

"he's pale because he's a vampire."

doreen wondered what she was going to do with parker.

she did not seem to be responding to socialization therapy.

and the money was drying up.


when things were good

jeffrey often wondered if things might have turned out differently if george hadn't gone away.

how nice it had been back in the summer cottage!

especially at night, singing around the campfire.

but then maureen came along and ruined everything.


zero hour

this is it, thought perry desperately, the moment has finally come.

now i will be exposed as the fraud that i am.

now, not later.



now he would never know true domination


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