Friday, September 18, 2015

something from nowhere - part one: the director's cut

people think just because dad is the greatest scientist in the world that he’s some kind of nut.

i assure you, miss, that we have nothing but the greatest respect for professor coppington’s achievements.

nevertheless, it is our job to ask a few questions. we hope you understand.

i understand only too well, sir. i have dealt with your kind before.

i am sorry, miss, but i don’t understand your attitude. the professor’s achievements, and the just renown he has received for them, were made possible by the freedoms he enjoys in our society. the very freedoms he - and you - seem disinclined to defend.

that was a fine speech, murdock. the director would be proud. but i think the young lady knows the score.

our work here is done. we thank you for your time, miss, and your hospitality, and are sorry we could not reach a better understanding.

dad, they are finally gone! i was so frightened!

how peaceful the desert looks… what terrible secrets it holds!

we have no time to lose. they will return - perhaps in a matter of hours.

give this message to mansfield. only to mansfield, do you understand?

i may as well vacuum the rug while i am waiting.

i wonder if i have time to say goodbye to goldie.

professor coppington was known as “mister johnson” to the employees of the wild and free club.

goldie’s not here today, mister johnson. she called in sick.

a lifetime of running and hiding stretched out before professor coppington .

he had to see goldie - the only person in the world who understood him - one more time.

the professor knew the feds were closing in on him, but as the long afternoon wore on he found he could not move .

where was goldie? the fate of humanity - perhaps of the universe - was in the balance, but still the professor waited… and waited…

the professor expected to be blinded by the sunlight when he stepped out of the wild and free club, but night had fallen.

there he is, murdock shouted, almost spilling his coffee. i thought he died in there.

hearing murdock’s cry, the professor calmly walked past his own car and into the shadows behind the parking lot.

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