Wednesday, June 11, 2014


by chuck leary

illustrations by penmarq studios

i got a new apartment.

down by the river.

in the middle of nowhere.

empty lots all around.

tall grass in front of the building.

i didn't know the neighbors

i didn't know if i wanted to know the neighbors

i suspected they were not the coolest people

i wanted to be cool

i want to be cool

i live to be cool

so far i have not had much success

but i can't give up

i will be cool

what i need is a plan

that is why i came here

to form a plan

in my solitude

to storm the world with my coolness

i don't need any distractions

what was that?

did i hear hear something?


i must not get nervous

i must stick to my plan

to be cool

to be the coolest person in the world

when i'm the coolest person in the world

i still won't be completely safe

but it will have to do

i have to stop now

i have to take my medicine

but i will get back to you

i will go on

i will prevail

i will be cool


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