Tuesday, April 15, 2014

heroes: poem written on a napkin in mcdonalds on west sunset strip, november 17, 2010

arnold schwarzenneger
was no ham-and-egger
and sylvester stallone
often saved the world alone

bruce willis
wouldn't let the monsters kill us
and john travolt-
a led a total human revolt

clint eastwood
let you know just where he stood
brad pitt
didn't know the word quit

earlier john wayne
took on himself the world's pain
and william holden
knew when to hold and when to fold em

steve mcqueen -
there was nothing he hadn't seen
and jackie chan -
he was the man

bad guys better believe
they shouldn't mess with steve reeves
before they take on chuck norris
they better book a florist

sonny chiba -
for sure he was a keeper
and chow yun-fat
he took care of all that

eddie constantine
was a justice machine
and alain delon
saved the world with a yawn

we humans in the empty dark
who can never hope to leave a mark
know with heroes such as these
we can dream just as we please

though the galaxies explode
and the universe reload
they will save us every time -
here i end my little rhyme

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