Sunday, February 23, 2014

questionnaire, part 3

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22. if you could go back in a time machine and prevent any one of these assassinations/executions, which one would you choose?

abel/ by cain

samson / by delilah

uriah/ by king david

john the baptist / by salome

julius caesar/ by brutus

cleopatra/ by the roman empire

joan of arc/ by bishop cauchon

anne boleyn/ by henry viii

christopher marlowe/ by ingram frizer

henry iv/ by francois ravaillac

wallenstein/ by walter devereux

marie antoinette/ by robespierre

robespierre/ by barras

nat turner/ by judge jeremiah cobb

john brown/ by governor henry a wise

abraham lincoln/ by john wilkes booth

james a garfield/ by charles guiteau

czar alexander ii/ by ignacy hryniewiecki

billy the kid/ by pat garrett

jesse james/ by bob ford

william mckinley, by leon czolgosz

archduke franz ferdinand / by gavrilo princip

john dlllinger/ by clyde purvis

pretty boy floyd/ by j edgar hoover

león trotsky/ by josef stalin

anne frank/ by adolf hitler

mahatma ghandi/ by nathuram godse

joan vollmer/ by william burroughs

marilyn monroe/ by agents of world empire

john f kennedy/ by lee harvey oswald

malcolm x/ by the nation of islam

martin luther king jr/ by james earl ray

andy warhol/ by valerie solonas

sharon tate/by charles manson

fred hampton/ by j edgar hoover

george jackson/ by agents of empire

john lennon/by mark chapman

nicole simpson/by o j simpson

matthew shepard/ by agents of homophobia

trayvon martin/by george zimmerman

jordan davis/by michael dunn

other ____________


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