Wednesday, April 1, 2009

billy's lucky day

ignorant important gangs blow up big bridges that's funny
funny violent persons peons beg big shots in virulent frankie and johnny understand that's great
guys just keep to the right all the way to pittsburgh explodes
frankie explained to johnny as they turned down behind the underpass that pittsburgh was ignorant ignored
uncle sam can't expect the invasion to empty all the undermen and bad uncles in an instant
"no but santa claus can"
"get hip to this timely trip"
eggs benedict destroyed paris now he thinks je can do the same to pittsburgh . bad guys just exhale when bad smoke blows their way.
"when you take that california tip"
johnny got out of the car. it started to rain.
"here's he deal. billy called me from jericho last night'"
"you sure it wasn't jerusalem?"
"no , it was jericho."
"jericho, pennsylvania?"
"no bud, jericho where joshua fought the battle of jericho - out in the sanddunes"
"i thought joshua fit the battle of jericho"
"no. he fought it, stupid, how can you fit a battle?"
"he fit it into his schedule. he was on his way somewhere and he fit it into his schedule"
"so where was he going?"
she was wearing the heaviest jewelry gus had ever seen.
now i'm lost under the tunnel we'll have to turn around
"i don't know maybe he was going to see somebody. maybe he was going to see the queen of sheba"
"joshua and the queen of sheba weren't even contemporaies"
"ooh, big word, what does it mean"
"it means you don't know your bible, man. what are we fighting this war for, anyway? you're no better than an arab the way you don't know your bible"
now i'm lost under the tunnel we'll have to turn around
this octopus is hard to chew hoss
suddenly the french girl ran across the road straight at frankie and johnny

"please make jericho your undivided destination"
"they got to mean jericho pennsylvania man, we're in pennsylvania now. we'd have to cross rivers and mountains and stuff to get to jericho in the desert"
"help me, help me! madame is after me!"
outside louisville the iguana terminated harry's woeful hacienda
"perhaps madame can tell us what she wants with this young woman"
"she's my maid - was my maid - and now i can't live in the same house with her"
colonel oblonsky shook his head sadly. "msdame i couldn't help you if you were the queen of sheba"
the octopus outside louisville chewed the iguana in the best cage match in town hoss
"you'll have to get out of the way, ma'am, we are about to nuke this town"
"she was dilly-dallying with my husband"
"are you sure she wasn't shilly-shallying?"
"pay attention to him, ma'am." johnny interrupted with a mischievous grin, "he knows his bible"
"headquarters is on the line, frankie. come in, hq"
jericho beckoned like in a star in the west
"finish up pittsburgh and get on to cleveland"
"i hear you - tell billy it's his lucky day, we got a french maid here that;s just his style"
"send her down, then get on to cleveland"
"are you sure we're not going to jericho?"
"cleveland, my brother, cleveland, just get on up the road to cleveland"

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